A good friend of mine and former and AOL colleague, Greg Skipper, has been working on a startup. It’s a really cool app that they describe as a personal concierge service.  Basically you find yourself in a new city (or even your own neighborhood) and you open the app on your mobile device and it recommends things that are going on around you and as you choose things it learns more of what you like i.e. I don’t care for sports so the more I pick non-sports related events the less it recommends sporting events.

Obviously, the success of this depends on the accuracy of the app learning what you like but so far I’ve been impressed.  I also think the business model around this to possibly integrate with the daily deal world or start connecting individuals and start mobile tribes of recommendations for like minded people could be really cool and lucrative for the team

Here are links so you can try out the app:




Here is some great press about them: